Hi, I am Zohaib Sibte Hassan. I am an Engineering Manager by profession, an engineer at heart, a doodler by hobby, and a strong believer in OSS.

Work Experience

Engineering Manager at DoorDash (April 2018 to Present)

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft FUSELabs (Sep 2013 to April 2018)

Working on Microsoft BotFramework I was responsible for various parts of the ecosystem including NodeJS SDK, end-to-end feature development, and integration of Dev. Portal, LUIS.ai, and developer evangelism. Also leading front-end of upcoming Azure Bot Service Runtime which (written in Angular2 and ReactJS). The system handles tens of millions of messages per day and growing.

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft Outlook (Apr 2013 to Sep 2013)

Working on Outlook Groups I was responsible for writing front-end and back-end for groups management. While writing front-end parts I was responsible for coordinating with Project Managers, breaking down features into work-items and phases, and then implementing them for Outlook Web Access. I later wrote Exchange Web Service public API endpoints for group management that were responsible for creating over 2M groups within the first few months since its public announcement. Later I was also part of building and leading mobile apps efforts for Outlook Groups. Over the period, I’ve acquainted myself with various tools/technologies including C#, Cx/C/C++, an internal MVVM framework, SQLite, ASP.Net, Redis, Typescript, etc. As of Mar 2015 groups have 10M+ MAU http://outlook.office365.com

Software Engineer at Flutter (Jul 2012 to Mar 2013)

Responsible for developing application features (like silent updates OSX and Windows), and for web-enabled platform features, including Analytics, User accounts, Virality, and Extensions for Chrome. Technologies included Objective C, C++, Python. The startup was later acquired by Google http://flutterapp.com

Senior Software Engineer at Bumpin (Jun 2011 to Jul 2012)

Performed improvements in the existing system that was not able to handle high traffic loads. The system was limited to 50K requests a day, which was improved and traffic went up to 400K per day. There were various technologies (Python, Tornado, Redis, Ruby, MongoDB) involved in the work.

Senior Software Engineer at Organic Spread Media (Jan 2011 to Jun 2011)

Worked on MiLifemap (www.milifemap.com project was Series-A funded at that time) a personal life content platform that pioneered the idea of timeline and beneficiary. The platform was presented at TechCrunch.

Offshore Consultant at Buzzyears (Oct 2010 to Jan 2011 and June 2011 to Aug 2011)

Offshore system consultant/architect for a social website aimed and focused for local schools (of USA) and their parents http://buzzyears.com. The technology stack was a typical LAMP stack. The system today is used by various schools in India with hundreds of thousands of students using the system now.

Lecturer at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (Aug 2007 to Jan 2011)

Worked as a part of permanent faculty at FAST National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. http://www.nu.edu.pk/

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